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“Since 2007 I’ve had chronic and debilitating sciatic pain from narrowing of the spinal canal in the lumbar along with scoliosis. In 2012, two orthopedic surgeons offered to rebuild my spine but I declined because of seeing complications from such surgeries. Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2018: heavily medicated with opioids and over the counter medications a family member tells me about her success with Dr Claire, she told me about all of her resolved medical conditions and how it would be worth a try for me. I agreed.My first visit was January 2019 and I walked in completely blind. When she started telling me why I was there from pictures of my eyes and explaining to me how it all came about. I was speechless.From January to April I had saw an 80% success in pain relief and, in addition 100% success in acid reflux, chronic sinusitis and hypertension. This helped me to successfully eliminate all of my medications including the opioids.In April I had my follow up with Dr Claire where she changed my regimen and told me the inflammation should be completely eliminated in “3 weeks”.3 weeks, to the day, my pain was 100% relieved and has stay relieved.What I have gained has been just short of miraculous! I went in to see a MD that I have been seeing for 13 years and he remarked that as a 62 year-old my progress was just short of a miracle!”

-Ray G. in Lewisville, TX


“I visited Dr. Claire after I had had my annual physical with my primary medical doctor. I had symptoms that my primary medical doctor had fno answers for after a few blood tests. I have never been on any medication at age 72 and I didn’t want to start medications.My symptoms were swollen ankles, swollen knees, weak feeling legs, nausea particularly in the morning, some constipation, a dry cough and a tremor in my right hand. All things I could live with but wondered what was causing them. My first step after our consultation was to go on a dietary protocol that was referred to as a “mineral enrichment plan” that she wrote up for me, and take a supplement to help my liver. I am 4 months out and all my swelling is gone, nausea is gone, constipation gone, tremor is gone. I feel so much better.After seeing Dr Claire last week for my first follow up she has me taking only the things my cells need and she has me on a regular exercise program. I am very excited to see what my results will be on the next leg of my health-reclaiming journey.Many blessings to you and your staff!”
-Beverly B. - Rosenberg, TX


I am so excited! I went to the endocrinologist last week on Tuesday and had labs done after staying on my diet. My calcium levels in blood are normal, my kidney functions are normal and my Parathyriod hormone is just slightly elevated. They gave me the option of being monitored or having surgery? What do you think I told them! God is so awesome!!! I just know my bones are getting better!
Claire is so blessed and gifted by God ! Nice to know there is other options than surgery thank you for sharing her information with me!
I am sticking to my diet!
Thank you Claire again for your gift of healing !” -Karen S.


*Leaky Gut Class Testimonial*

"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and having a burden to help people. I attended your leaky gut class on May 18 because I have been having some terrible stomach spells that have been going on for about 8 years now. That started out uncomfortable and very random and has ended up extremely painful and where I am super nauseous to where I am laying on my bathroom floor crying and moaning in pain with alternating hot flashes and chills along with other symptoms and they have been every week to every other week now, making me live in fear not knowing it I might have a spell. I want to let you know. I have not had a spell in almost three weeks. since I have taken your class. I have prepared myself that I could possibly have some stomach spells while I heal. But thank God I haven’t yet. I have eliminated certain foods and I’m taking some supplements. And they are no doubt helping. I don’t even get nauseous at bed time like I use to. Claire D Weeks Thank you so much. I pray you stay humble and don’t move away lol. I do pray other things for you as well lol. Thanks a million."

-Renay P. - Conroe, Texas


“Six years ago, I crashed. I was sleeping 20 hours a day, getting up just enough to eat and talk with my husband. I physically did not have the energy to stay awake. After 3 months I went to my general doctor who ran some generic tests and told me nothing was wrong, that I was probably depressed and I would get better. For five years I bounced around to various doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors and even mental health specialists with no changes. Then I was referred Dr. Claire by my pastors wife. At my first appointment with her, we discussed what had been going on and she helped me to understand my health crisis. She found imbalances and deficiencies that no one else had found and she changed my diet, added foods to fix my deficiencies, mixed me an herbal liquid and wrote out a simple exercise plan. It seemed too easy. After working with Dr. Claire for five months, I feel my health has improved 90% and is continuing to improve. This has changed my life in so many ways. My health is the best it’s ever been! I am active again in my church and community. I am able to go places and do things that I haven’t been able to do for almost 6 years. I just want to say thank you for giving me answers and giving me my life back. Dr. Claire is amazing!”

-Jennifer K. -Houston, Texas


“I was impressed by how much you know so much about how the body works, both in terms of traditional and alternative medicine and how you are able apply it to the individual patient.
I have been to other naturopaths and medical docs who can tell you a lot about general practices and treatments, but they can't tell you how that relates to your specific set of symptoms or general body makeup. You are also very willing to share your knowledge. I love the way you took the time to tell me what my problems were and explained it in a way that made sense to me. This is a rare quality, at least in my experience. Every visit I get new useful learning experiences, topped with a lot of laughter. How many health professionals can you say that about? Thank you!”

-Maria V. - Amarillo, Texas


"I highly recommend Dr. Claire to anyone who has a vested interest in the health and wellbeing of their health. Which, should be everyone! After a prolonged flair of ulcerative colitis, I’ve been given tools to heal my own body. With Claire’s assistance I’ve been able to find a balance, and feel in control of a medically “unmanageable disease”. I now have tools I can use to keep my body in balance. Thanks Claire! Your help inspires my faith in the healing arts."
-Don G. -McKinney Texas


"I have been in physical decline for over 10 years, with gastro issues, joint, muscle and tendon pain, my memory has been declining, and an inability to sleep. I have been diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases, osteoarthritis, Lyme disease, Mono, etc. etc. I have been passed around from doctor to doctor and specialist to specialist, taken every related Pharmaceutical imaginable, yet continued to get worse. I went to Dr Bridges-Weeks on multiple friends recommendations, hopelessly thinking it was not going to help me.
She did the evaluation with my eyes, pulse, and looked at my fingernails and tongue (all very foreign forms of evaluation for me) and then I showed her my bloodwork, which she helped me to understand. It has been just over a month since I saw her and began following her (mainly nutritional) recommendations. I am a different person. My pain is gone. I started losing weight in the first week. My gastro complaints are gone. I sleep. I’m even seeing a difference in my memory. Also, Dr Bridges-Weeks actually listened to what I told her. She made sure what she was giving me would be easy for me to follow. Naturopathic medicine is about the whole person and long term health, it does not assume that pumping you full of poorly understood drugs should be the starting point – and the ending point! She sought to address the underlying issues and not just kill pain at whatever cost. I can’t begin to explain what she does or how she does it but it works and the list of improvements is long. I can’t say enough what a great surprise this has been, and how grateful I am to Dr Bridges-Weeks. Thank you"
-Patty L -Huntsville, Texas


“I had a pack of doctors and not one could help me when my hot flashes hit 100/day and night. I couldn’t sleep, my hair was falling out in clumps, had the skin of a teenage boy, had constant nausea, and gained 30 lbs. Lab tests showed nothing “serious” and anti-depressants were suggested. But I just wanted to be able to eat, sleep and not sweat all day and night! Finding Claire was a answer to prayers. With her holistic and nutritional approach, I’m doing better on all levels and even lost 35 lbs.. She recommended nutrition changes, completely changed my exercise program and mixed me an herbal liquid. Claire is easy to talk to and she listens. Best of all, she treats you like a person and an equal. If you’re looking for someone to help you in your health journey, see Dr Claire!”

-Janice C. -Galveston, Texas


“Dr. Claire was the first practitioner to actually help me figure out the root cause of my psoriasis after struggling with it for 15+ years. She is intelligent, a great listener, and caring and diligent in her approach to naturopathic medicine. I truly believe she actually cares about the welfare of each and every person she sees. Plus, she has a great personality which makes the entire experience with her comfortable and enjoyable. God bless you and your work!”

-Shana S. -Austin, Texas


"My testimonial is going to sound very insignificant and self-absorbed compared to the testimonials that you share and the ones on your website but, I JUST HAVE TO SHARE for all the women needing help!
I lost all the weight from my 3 pregnancies, but was very frustrated because I was not able to get rid of the cellulite on my upper thighs. I’m a petite woman who works out 5 days a week, and have very healthy, disciplined eating habits. Dieting was not an option for me because I didn't want to lose more weight and possible muscle! I went in to see Claire solely for recommendations on removing my cellulite and that's what I got. She told me exactly why I had so much cellulite and why I had so many other health issues that I had thought was normal! It all went to my liver! I was blown away when she went down the list of symptoms and described my health history for the last 15 or so years.
In just 1 month of doing what she told me to do, all of my liver symptoms of waking up throughout the night, body odor, bowel issues, stomach issues, energy depletion were GONE and I lost 2 inches on each thigh and an inch on my midsection and low buttock region. Now after 3 months I am well past anything I thought was possible with my physique but even more so with my internal health. I am so thrilled with my results! I recommend her to anyone who will listen! Thank you just doesn't seem like enough but thank you so much!"

-Wendy G. -Tyler, Texas


"Before I came to Healthy Living for my appointment with Claire, my health was poor. I was overweight, tired all the time, moody and had severe cramping with my menstrual cycle... My health has greatly improved. I have lost 89 pounds, my energy is back, my mood swings are gone! I'm a much happier and healthier person. Claire found health issues that the doctors in my area refused to check and they ignored my symptoms.
I'm very excited about my results and the recommendations I have received. When someone says that alternative health care is not the way to go, I tell them to look at me! Ask my husband how naturopathic medicine has changed my life and made it better for both me and my family. I'm living proof that natural medicine works! Thank you!!!"

-Connie K - Austin, Texas


"I started with Claire about 6 months ago and at first I was very skeptical. I had practiced crossfit every morning, 6 days a week for 3 years and added extra cardio workouts every evening. My diet was centered around strict paleo. I went to Claire because I suffered from severe insomnia, joint pain, lack of energy, psoriasis, Afib and IBS and had started gaining weight. For someone with a very healthy lifestyle I felt like I was falling apart.
In the hour appointment that I had with Claire, she completely changed my lifestyle and diet. She told me that I worked out too much, ate too few carbs, too much meat and wanted me to stop my daily bulletproof coffee.
I couldn't believe I was being told this.
She wrote everything down for me and told me I'd see a difference in my sleep in two weeks and then everything else would start improving also.
I procrastinated about the diet and lifestyle changes for a week and if not for my friends who had seen her and experienced great results I would’ve written her off as a quack. After a week I threw my hands up and said WTH.
Two weeks after starting I had already dropped a size, started sleeping through the night and my joint pain started easing up.
Two months after starting I had dropped 4 sizes and was down to my goal weight and every complaint including ones I wasn’t aware of were gone.
Six months now and I feel like a new person. I’m not taking any medications and I only take one supplement. I still follow the light exercise program she gave me and the easy diet plan she wrote out.
I never would have imagined that my “healthy” lifestyle was actually killing me.
Thank God I went in for the evaluation and decided to make the changes. I’ll see you soon, Claire! God bless you and the magical work you do!”

-Lezlie S. -Pearland, Texas


"Good morning! I wanted to update you and let you know that I revisited the original Doctor who had diagnosed me with fatty liver disease. In the physical exam he was unable to detect a fatty liver and my liver enzymes are back to normal on my blood work. The ultrasound confirmed that my fatty liver disease is gone, my cholesterol panel and fasting blood sugar both show significant improvements from the last time. He asked what I was doing and when I told him he was very skeptical.
He recommended I keep taking my cholesterol and blood pressure medications just in case.
I told him, “no thanks” to both. Why take them if they're normal?!
Thank you so much for all your help!
For the first time in a long time, I feel great and feel that I have control over my health again!"

Lori M. - Conroe, Texas


"Before I knew Claire, I really did not understand what a Wellness Doctor did, or how helpful one could be. I met with her in June of this year and went with the longest appointment that she offers.
I wanted to have as much time with her as possible so that we could cover everything.
She told me that I absolutely had to improve my diet, get more exercise (Pilates and walking, of all things, were her suggestions for me) and drink more water.
With her guidance, I greatly improved my diet, which led to me getting rid of my blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, and beta blocker medications. Other improvements included better sleep, elimination of joint stiffness in my fingers, and no more leg cramps. I lost weight (47 pounds!) and feel great.
The great thing about Claire is that she takes the time to answer any questions you have during the appointment and explains everything in layman's terms. She doesn't talk over your head and it just makes sense!
She not only advises you about diet and lifestyle changes, but also suggests ways to relax and de-stress, which also lead to better sleep and good health. I could go on and on about Claire. So if you're wondering if you need to make an appointment to have Claire evaluate you, the answer is, "yes, you do!".

-Amanda W. - in Plano, TX.


"Words alone cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Bridges. She has changed my life and put my health back into my hands.
When I first came to see Dr. Bridges, I was pretty sick. I knew I had food intolerances, but I guessed the wrong food, which was only making me feel worse. I now know that I am not corn intolerant, but nightshade intolerant. I had Hashimoto's disease, that I had been begging my old doctors to give me a better medication for, but they said it was all in my head. To my amazement, one of the first things out of her mouth when I sat down before me telling her, without knowing me, without her looking at my paperwork was, "we need to work on your endocrine system, starting with your pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands".
She then helped me see why medication was not the way to go, she created a eating regimen for me and started me on recipe that she created and it actually works! It has improved my energy, completely cleared my foggy brain and helped me to be able to function again. She has helped me so that I respond better to stressful situations without the feeling of being overwhelmed. Dr. Bridges has actually listened to me and my body to put me on the path to rejuvenation and recovery. What is left is within my power, mostly my diet, and I am working on that everyday, but it is nice to know that I have someone who is helping me. With admiration and thankfulness, Debbie"

-Deborah M. - in Austin, Texas


"I was diagnosed with diabetes type II 12 years ago. After seeing multiple specialists, I decided to be evaluated by Dr. Claire when she came to town. I was suffering with the following conditions:
Frequent infections, neuropathy (even after surgery in 2007), eczema, melasma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue and neuralgia.
At present, my blood sugar is perfect after making the diet adjustments and drinking the tea she mixed me. I am off all medications. The melasma and eczema is gone! It's almost as if the dark patches just fell off!!!
I am pleased to say that my blood pressure is down and my cholesterol is now normal. I have also seen great improvements in my energy. And now, my neuropathy and neuralgia are almost gone and both were so debilitating, they are unnoticeable and continue to improve. What a difference Dr Claire has made in my life! I can live now!
Thank you!"

-Rosa G. - in Hempstead, TX.


“I saw Claire while recovering from an eczema-type rash that I'd been battling for about a year, and which had spread to cover about half of both hands and which sorely troubled me due to the severe itching and burning sensations the lesions caused. She immediately identified stress as a major contributor to the problem (hitting the nail on the head) and also identified some nutrient deficiencies as well as mold and intestinal bacterial issues (not candida). I was pleasantly surprised that her suggested protocol was through foods and teas versus supplements in the form of pills or extracts. She packed a lot of information into the sessions, asked questions, and was patient to listen to my concerns and to fully answer my questions. She is very professional, kind, and empathetic and even invested time apart from sessions to research my specific case, as I already had an excellent diet as well as cultivated my spirituality and exercised, and she was surprised that my condition had not responded to the changes I'd made. The skin condition is much improved and I was greatly blessed to have spent the time with her. My husband and I have recommended her services to many people as we really believe in what she does and that she can help people overcome distressing problems caused by improper food habits, behaviors and negative thinking.”

-Rabkah - in Houston, Texas


My first visit with Dr Bridges was in January (2016) and I have been in to see her with better and better reports since.

My reason for visiting initially was for help with my type 1 diabetes but I had other things going on that I wasn't even aware of.

Dr Bridges brought to my attention of emotional things that I had been harboring and helped me to understand why I had developed type 1 diabetes to begin with.

She changed my diet, mixed up a bach flower remedy and also created a liquid herbal combination.

The detox was brutal but my blood sugar normalized.

My blood sugar stayed normalized.

My blood sugar is STILL normalized.

I have to repeat it because I never thought it would be possible.

I wake up in the morning and smile knowing that I am FREE.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the impossible POSSIBLE!

-Lisa Z. -in Houston, Texas


Claire, just wanted to update you on my daughter. She has done everything you recommended to her and praise God she gained 6.9 pounds in 10 days and she had her appointment with her specialist today and she doesn't have placenta previa anymore and the doctor said she and the baby are healthy. The baby is much bigger than they expected and the doctor was shocked that the placenta previa was gone and actually gave her a picture to prove that it was gone because she said no one would believe it without proof....Amen and God bless you for doing the things you do!
-Traci K - in Dobbin, Texas


Little over 2 weeks and I've gotta say that my skin HAS NOT broken out like previous months. I am going to be starting my "cycle" any day now and this wouldve been the worst time for my face. Sure, I've got some stubborns who are sticking around but nothing new has popped up. (And let me tell you, when they popped up...THEY POPPED UP!) So, I am going to continue- I'm doing 3 tablespoons a day and I think I will go to the two that you suggested now that I know it's working. I'm already through a bottle so I'll have to order more.
Thanks again- see you in a few months!

- - in Tomball, Texas


Two months ago I met with Claire after being diagnosed with stage-3 melanoma (for the 3RD TIME AND I'M 29!) and was told that the only way to overcome the issues was Chemo, Radiation & Surgery. Claire was referred by a friend and even though I had little to no hope, I made an appointment anyway. She addressed my melanoma (with black salve, essiac, bloodroot, hydrogen peroxide, astragalus, etc), hepatic system and deficiencies aggressively and even addressed the emotional & spiritual roots to my disease. After a few weeks the melanoma appeared to be getting larger and inflamed and I went in to see Claire again just to make sure it wasn't getting worse - she reassured me that everything was okay and to keep going... THE VERY NEXT DAY it fell out of my shoulder and all that's left is a clean, pink hole where the skin needs to heal!!!! I feel like God has lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire, and has healed me of this curse to never have it return!!! Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Seana S. in Katy, Texas / Cape Elizabeth, Maine


"When I made the long drive to visit Claire I was a major skeptic and drilled her with questions that she patiently answered. She assured me that if I would be gentle with my body and follow her recommendations for just one month I would see a difference in my health.
My Husband encouraged me to start and stay with what she recommended and after two weeks my depression was gone, my sleeping patterns normalized and my panic attacks were lessened. I was still skeptical but was feeling so much better. After a month the RA-caused joint pain that I had been dealing with for several years was unnoticeable without medications and my panic attacks were gone! Three months now and I am a true believer in what she does. She absolutely knows what she's doing and although some of her recommendations were bazaar to someone who is the average, medically-minded American, they work! She left my Rheumatologists scratching their heads and I am completely medicine-free!
You are a God sent!"
-Ashleigh M. -El Paso, TX


"3 weeks after I gave birth to my first child I began experiencing some strange discomfort that eventually became excruciatingly painful. Every night for a week I would get this pain anywhere from 30 minutes to 9 hours. I finally broke down and went to the er one night. After 6 hours in the ER and one intense ultrasound later I got the diagnosis of gall stones and one sick gallbladder. They immediately recommended surgery. After I told them no thank you, they assured me repeatedly that I would just be back and that the problem wouldn't go away. I had heard a few of my friends and family raving over Claire helping them find the right healing process for their needs. I decided to give it a shot. I found out that I had many issues that couldn't easily be dealt with while nursing. She helped me find herbs that were safe while nursing and helped set the tone for a drastic dietary change. Everyone was very helpful and encouraging. I was able to completely heal my gallbladder, and many other issues I wasn't even aware I had. I am so thankful for the knowledge and encouragement I have received for the past 2 years. My life would be very different right now if not for everyone at Healthy Living"

— Amy M. in Conroe, Texas


"I was referred to dr Bridges about a year ago and the changes that she has made in my health are almost indescribable.  
I have been relieved of irritable bowel syndrome and Graves Disease.  
Not only do I trust her with my health but also the health of my family.  She worked with my father through pancreatic cancer and is now working with him to rid his body of the cancer causing toxins through dietary changes and herbal supplementation.
I could go on singing her praises but the point is...if you are here looking for a referral or information on herbs, eyology or naturopathy, this is the woman to see.  She will go out of her way to research your situation and "formulate" the best natural/herbal treatment for you.  
After having her help you you will feel better than you have ever thought possible.  
I know it sounds crazy, but give it a shot.  
Natual medicine really works!"

-- Manni N. in Woodland Hills, Utah


"I want to tell everyone!! I got my life back after visiting Clair Bridges, the doctors didn't know what to do anymore to help me.. Wanted to send me to the cancer center to see if they could help me.. I had NF1 and tumors all over my body.. Doctor removed one but it came back as well as always living in pain.. I was grabbing for straws.. I needed help in a bad way.. I became desperate!! I'm here to tell you that after two weeks taking the supplements she told me I needed I got my life back.. I made an appointment with my doctor after two months to show him the tumors where nearly gone that was in my feet!! He was so amazed and wanted to know what I was doing.. I shared with him my journey in meeting Clair.. This has truly given me my life back.. Please keep doing what you do best and that is helping people heal.. Every part of the body the healthy way!!! Thank you so much.. :0) "

--- DeAnna S. in Livingston, TX


"My child is doing so much better!!!  She is a completely different child than she was a week ago. The doctor doesn't know what to make of it.”

- Donna R. in Montgomery, Texas


"Thank you for the great session today.  Your work is truly amazing and I am in aw of your gift!"  -Cassandra C. in Dobbin, Texas


"I came in feeling bloated constantly in the stomach if I ate or not, hemorrhoids, and bleeding rectally. Emotionally up & down, unbalanced. After: I started to feel more alive in many ways. The pain and bloating in my stomach is gone, my hemorrhoids are gone and I am no longer bleeding rectally! To top it off my emotions have stabilized!
Spiritually I feel more clear, balanced and supported. You have been a true blessing to me!" - Harriot T. in Waco, Texas


"Claire, I want to thank you for all the help you have given me - your guidance in helping me to eliminate the horrible pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis (which I suffered with for years).  Your experience in holistic health helped me to throw away my walker and play golf again.  I am forever grateful and now have my life back."  
-- Wandella M. in Alamogordo, NM


"By nature, I tend to be the type person who is more interested in the facts than anything else. Having said that, please allow me to give you just the facts.
Over the last two years, my health has been steadily getting worse. There was a 6-7 week period in which I had chills every day. Lots of stomach pain, dizzy, very nauseous and headaches.
My wife, did some research on the internet and discovered that I might be allergic to inulin...a sweetener that was in a cereal that I ate every day. I stopped eating that cereal and the chills went away the next day but I still had a lot of problems.
I was pretty sure that I had developed another ulcer (had one back in 1992) and I was eating Pepto Bismol like candy. I had several severe allergic reactions to different things, which would only stop after drinking a mega dose of Benadryl.
I started getting chills a few months after stopping the cereal...which lasted several weeks again so I knew there  must be something else that was causing me problems.
My blood pressure was high quite often (even though I am on BP and heart medication) and my heart rate was...between 80 - 90 beats per minute for much of the day.
I've been on heart medication for about ten years or so because my cardiologist told me a while back, that I had some kind of "an event" in past years because he could see scar tissue.
This heart medication keeps my heart rate slower than it would be without it but while I was going through all of this, my heart rate was even getting up over 110 many times when I was just sitting still.
I've spent many hours in the doctors office, a few trips to the hospital (one time in an ambulance) because after the EMT's doing an EKG, they told my wife that I was having a heart attack.
I was diagnosed with Myocarditis (a viral infection that settled in my heart) which took about 6 weeks for me to get over. The doctor told me that many people die from Myocarditis.
Even after healing up from the heart issue though, I still felt so bad for so long without a break that I honestly felt like I was near the end of my life.
Additionally, I was having a problem with my eyes a few times a day, which caused me to lose about 30% of my vision and would last 45 minutes or so each time.
Well, my daughter decided one day that she wanted to let Claire Bridges read her eyes and help her to get on the right supplements. After she went, I decided to let Claire read my eyes. My first visit to her was in mid December.
Claire spotted a lot of issues going on with me; parasites, candida, intolerance to dairy products, and two different kinds of fungus (from being around mold because our master bedroom had been flooded).
She then assured me that she could help and told me what I could do to get better. Now I would like to give you an update.
I've been getting better and better over the last 6 weeks and I can say that without a doubt, this is the best I've felt in 20 years or so.
Yes...I still have my back problems but my back is even doing better.
Since about three days after seeing Claire, I haven't had one episode of losing my vision, my energy is like it was many years ago and I haven't had stomach pains and nausea so I haven't needed any Pepto Bismol.
My heart rate is staying between 48 - 55 beats per minute so now I am dividing my heart pills in half so my heart rate doesn't get too slow.
I've had a lot of people tell me that I look much better than I have in a long time. Some of them said that before seeing Claire, I looked inflamed, my color wasn't good and I looked like I was in pain.
The result of all of this; I would like to get a PA system, stand on a rooftop somewhere, turn the volume way up, and shout to everybody to go see Claire.
I realize that I was very sick and had a lot of problems compared to the average person but...I'm feeling better than I have in many years...since way before I started getting sick.
I haven't given any supposition, theory or conjecture, that was just the facts everybody! "
-Steve W. - Houston, TX


"Good afternoon Claire. I thought I'd share an awesome praise report with you. My Husband went back to the urologist today and after following your advice by drinking lemon water, taking vitamin B6 and taking the stone free, the stone that was attached to his kidney is gone!!! You can only imagine my husbands elation after hearing this news. We are so grateful for your help."

- Melissa T. -Magnolia, Texas


"I am recommending Claire to every single person who reads this! My life was very difficult because I didn't realize that I had intolerances to certain foods. She discovered this for me, and then recommended some supplements to help my digestion and as well as providing me with specific nutrients which my body was not getting. I was in terrible condition when I went in to see her the first time...and within two weeks, I was feeling better than I had felt in many years. My quality of life was very bad and I was only able to work a few hours a week because of being in such distress, but because of her recommendations, I am much more healthy. To make a long story short, she helped me to get my life back! Having said all of that, I will add this; Claire is a quality person...down to the bone. Her delightful demeanor isn't just on the surface. She finds fulfillment in helping others to regain their health and vitality. She genuinely cares!" -Steve W. in Spring, TX


"I am grateful for your gift and passion of your field. And fascinated by it! That God allows the details and health of our lives to be written for those to see"

-Elizabeth S. in Montgomery, TX


"I began seeing Claire about a year ago when all the dr.'s I went to wanted to diagnosis me with an autoimmune disease. When I told Claire what they were trying to diagnose me with, she shook her head and said, it doesn’t matter to me - it’s just a name. She immediately recognized the imbalances and issues in my body and explained to me what was happening, why and how we were going to rebalance my body. Within a week I noticed changes. Within a month, I felt almost like-new. Within 6 months, I was running and working out harder than ever and felt like a brand new person!!!! She has been an ABSOLUTE GODSEND to me, and I will go to her as long as I live! I recommend her to everyone. -- Amma T. in Chicago, IL


"I have been vegan for 13 years and thought I was eating right. I learned from Claire how to properly combine food, choose natural options and take the right supplementation in order to improve my health and increase my energy levels. The proper alimentation helped my body to eliminate accumulated toxins. This process decreased my cholesterol level to a normal range and gave me the energy required to perform all my daily activities, which includes training for intense sport activities. I highly recommend a visit with Claire for anyone who is interested in improving their health."

— Michelle C. in Houston, Texas


"The eye reading with Claire is amazing. As a professional, she employs the sensitivity and respect expected with any practitioner, but goes beyond that by personalizing her advice and recommendations for each client, which makes the experience so much more valuable. Combined with the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations for maximum effectiveness, the advice helped me overcome my thyroid condition and left me feeling happier and healthier then ever!!! I recommend her to everyone."

— Hannah T. in Dallas, Texas


"I am enriched and inspired. Thank you for the truth and healing this science provides and the love and skill in which you do your work. You are a profound inspiration."

– Sabrina K. in New Orleans, LA


"I really appreciate the fact that you helped me face the challenges with my health and relationships. You gave me tools that I can work with and am now taking responsibility for my health."

- Brayden M. in Houston, Texas


"You will be amazed at what is going on inside you that is hampering your health. I have increased mobility and my kidneys are functioning better then they ever have and I feel much more centered! No longer do I look in the past, I am moving forward!!!"

— Carlota L. in Beaumont, Texas


 Equine Iridology Testimonial:
"I contacted Claire as my mare appeared unwell. She had had severe blue tongue disease almost 2 years before and I had nearly lost her on a couple of occasions. The recovery from it had been very slow and although she was sound, she didn't appear herself. 7 months previously an communicator had said that she was suffering with a problem with her blood although blood tests were were void of information. Amazingly, Claire told me exactly the same thing. She also looked at my other 2 horses. Everything that she could see in the eye, I could relate to and it was extremely accurate. Claire suggested I tried my mare with a blend of herbs to help with her blood issue and the results have been amazing. She has a glossy coat, her eyes are bright and she has a spring in her step and we will soon be out competing again"

--Candace A. in Magnolia, Texas



--Terri W. in Willis, Texas


"Since being diagnosed with lupus about ten years ago, I have tried many different types of treatment and therapy. It was not until suffering with duodenal ulcers, from the medications I was taking, that I was introduced to Claire by my chiropractor. Not only has Claire given me the simple tools to eliminate the ulcers, but, with herbs and homeopathics, has alleviated my pain so that it is not necessary to take the medications that were really causing long term harm. It is not only refreshing, but, I believe, necessary, to find a holistic approach and treats mind, body and spirit, as well as Claire does." --Malene G. in Austin, Texas"


"Thanks so much for all of your guidance concerning our health issues. We kept searching for answers without real success until we met you. You are a blessing in out lives. Thanks for sharing your gift with us!"

--Nadine L. in Montgomery, Texas


"To make a long story short, I had a severe infections and blood poisoning. I went to the emergency clinic for help. I received three antibiotics and a shot for blood poison. I was well within four days and thought that was the end of my problems. But one week later I started having a lot of problems that lasted for five months. I have had about eleven different sideeffects that were caused by the antibiotics. I kept going to my doctor, but all he wanted to do was write my more prescriptions. I refused to take them and nothing else was done. I was referring to Dr Claire by my sister and though she was far, I made an appointment. She has made me feel as good as I had before all the other stuff happened. AND NO SIDE EFFECTS. Also, I told her about a couple things that had been bothering me for some time. The other doctors did nothing to help, and it seemed I just had to learn to live with the pain. Well that is not true, with all natural treatments, the pain I have had to live with for many years is now gone. I’m telling anyone who will listen just how great is to be able to do thing now that I could not do before, because of the pain. And how relieved I am to feel that the side effects of the antibiotics are being flushed from my body with all natural items. I am 67 years old and better than I’ve felt in years, thanks to her!!!

--Mary W. Miami, FL.


"Dear Claire,Thank you so much, it's incredible how quickly you've been able to help me move from being someone in chronic pain with occasional attacks to feeling totally physically fine! Thank you so much!"

--Consolata H. - Mexico City, Mexico


 "Thank you so much for yesterday. I came home and of course researched everything you told me on the web (mainly so I can tell my husband to look it up and to satisfy self) So much of how I have been feeling, not just the gastro incident, ties back to what you told me. I want everyone I know to come to you for a visit. I think what you do is amazing. I believe that God put the lady that referred me to you in my life just so she could tell me about you! May God bless you and your sweet employees for what you" -L.W. - TX


"After two years of working with Dr Bridges my Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis is GONE and with no meds!!! The symptoms started lessening after the first few weeks and by January '15 my symptoms were completely gone!!! I went in for tests in March '15 and my doctor was stunned! My spinal tap came back negative, MRI showed no lesions and the EPT was normal!!!!!! Thank you so much Dr Bridges!!!!"
-Patty S. -Colleyville, Texas


"I can simply say that Claire is very knowledgeable, genuine and delightful! I started with a basic session and since then I have been for general consultations and have had several phone consultations, she has taught me so much about my health, how to improve it and how to prevent future illnesses. Claire has patiently listened to my worries and was very generous in sharing her knowledge and in tailoring a thorough step by step plan to improve my health. She is really passionate about helping people be and feel healthy. I highly recommend a session with Claire. If you are taking your health seriously, you are in great and capable hands."
-Martin C. - Merrydale, Louisiana