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“Health is wealth”—though this is an age-old saying, it holds good even today. Undeniably, health is one of the most indispensable assets in life! You might possess all other forms of wealth, but to enjoy them you need to be healthy and lead a disease-free life. Essentially, a healthy life is a disease-free and stress-free life!

The other side of the coin is that a healthy life is becoming a difficult task in the asking due to a variety of factors spread over all the areas of life. The most striking factor that keeps us busy is the busy, mechanical life which we lead.

There is hardly any time left for us at the end of the day to sit back and think over our life and its finer aspects at leisure.
To add to our woes, we are so engrossed in our activities that we don’t get enough time to care for our body. As a result of our negligence, our system starts degenerating and one day finally it breaks down so seriously and makes us realize that it is too late to make amends.

Well, it is not that there is no light at the end of the tunnel! It is to emphasize that we need to realize the importance of maintaining our body in good shape to withstand the trials and stress that life throws up in the form of many challenges in almost all walks of life. To gain name and fame, you need to have sky-high ambitions. But to reach them, you need to have good health and mental grit too.

Now, how can you gain sound physical as well as mental health? Experts unanimously answer this question in the line of thought that clearly states that a sound physique can be built only by harmonizing your body as well as your mind and keeping away from negative thoughts, stress, high-flung emotions, and so on. There are various methods through which you can maintain a “sound mind in a sound body”.

Maintaining a healthy body implies keeping it away from the effects of unwanted substances. Among medical terms, “detoxification” is a hot topic for discussion today. This is especially due to the growing awareness of people about the ill-effects of modernization, especially on the human body.

The term “detoxification” or “detox” in short refers to the overall cleansing of our body adopting various means like herbal solutions and other therapies. It would be worthwhile to make a note of the need for cleansing our body to help first-timers who would be wondering what all this talk of cleansing is all about and why it is needed.

Detoxification can be done to any part of the body or the body on the whole. Body detoxification is an essential task for every one of us as we face high risks of toxicity in our body due to unwanted collection of wastes, toxins, chemicals, and other dangerous substances. These substances enter our body through various channels but the most common is food.

Today, the market is filled with food items which are pre-processed, overcooked and canned, contain disagreeable amounts of derivatives, artificial flavors, preservatives, etc. All these are comparatively new to our body and hence it fails to either assimilate or eliminate them. Consequently, these toxins remain in our body and continue to get circulated in the bloodstream. Imagine their dangerous proportions, say after a decade of lying happily in our body! Doesn’t that sound terrible?

To get rid of all these undesirable toxic wastes from your body, you need to undergo body detoxification and an ionizing footbath is one of the most popular methods of body detoxification. Body detoxification via an ionizing footbath is becoming more common and accepted methods as it is found to be relatively safer, comfortable, and result-oriented too.

Body detoxification via an ionizing footbath uses the theory of ions to eliminate toxins from your body in a safe and painless way. Going back to the basics, we know that a water molecule consists of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. Ions assume a positive charge if they gain molecules and negative charge if they lose molecules. Keeping this as the basis for developing ionizing footbaths, several companies have come out with numerous products using which you can cleanse your body.

Ions form the basis for the process of body detoxification via an ionizing footbath. A nice, real-life example can make things a lot easier to understand for you. You always love walking along a beach—ah! That freshness, coolness, and refreshing experience! When you walk along a beach, you feel a sense of renewed energy because your body attracts uncountable negatively-charged ions which create an alkaline reaction in your body.

Knowing such rudimentary facts is indeed helpful to gain confidence in using a similar method in the process of body detoxification via an ionizing footbath. The primary reason why your body fails to maintain a healthy state is the excess of acidic substances in your system. Unlike alkaline substances, acidic wastes like hepatic acids, acetic acids, and the like affect most part of our body ranging from joints and muscles, to major organs. The effect can be minor or cause irreversible damage in some cases.  

Body detoxification via an ionizing footbath is a recommended treatment for removing all types of toxins from our body. Who would not love to feel that great way when you walk on a beach, that too in the comfort of your own home! Yes, you can feel the same freshness and exuberance of spirit once you learn how to keep toxins at bay and protect your body from toxemia.

A host of dangers lurk in the air to attack your body with deadly toxins and acidic wastes that might even lead to body dysfunction. The world today has undergone tremendous changes in terms of environment and biological changes. There is pollution, unchecked use of chemicals, unnecessary usage of artificial products like synthetics, and so on. All these factors have caused havoc in our body and in turn in our life. Our body is unable to withstand the assault of toxins and it fails to eliminate these wastes thoroughly even though liver, kidney, lungs, lymphatic system, etc. are engaged in a continuous process of waste elimination.

Body detoxification via an ionizing footbath implies the methodology of using a special equipment to cleanse our body. In this method, a specially-designed equipment is placed in water.

Place your feet in the water and relax yourself. The secret of an ion cleanse footbath is that the compound electric current and the water molecules react and as a result a continuous flow of both positive and negatively charged ions is created. The interesting fact to note here is that our feet are known as conduits. This means they have the capacity to absorb and release substances. Not only that, the essence of footbaths lies in the feet they have pores through which toxic wastes are easily and painlessly eliminated.


Make sure you are not wearing any metallic item like a watch.
Do not use a cell phone or a computer while using the ionizing footbath.
Use only plain, warm water and don’t add anything else like soaps, oils, shampoos, etc.
Some experts advocate the use of raw sea salts so that your body absorbs minerals and gets rid of toxins.
Never drink the water which you used for body detoxification via an ionizing footbath.

These precautions make the task of body detoxification via an ionizing footbath a safe, smooth, and preferred one.

Body detoxification via an ionizing footbath are not suitable for:

Those who have been fitted with electro-magnetic and other devices like pacemaker
Those who have received an organ
Those who are pregnant
Those who are nursing
Those who have metal joints fitted in their body