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Example A

Clear Pictures of the Entire Iris!

Lower Sclera - Pull down and look up!

Upper Sclera - Pull eyelid up and look down!

Left Medial

 In order to conduct a long distance evaluation I need two, clear, close-up pictures of each iris (see example A) and each sector of the sclera (whites of eye) that includes upper, lower, medial and lateral edges.

When taking the pictures be sure to use your flash!
Also, optional but helpful, I'd like for you to send a picture of your tongue, fingernails and face (please see below picture examples). I use the Traditional Chinese Medicine modality of face, tongue and nail analysis in my in-office appointments. Adding additional modalities, such as these, helps me best determine what recommendations and dietary adjustments would be best.

You will need to call 936-588-2772 to set appointment and receive the email to where you'll send the pictures.

It is imperative that you pay for your appointment at the time of setting and send your photos 5-7days prior to your appointment time.

Your appointment will not be held if you do not prepay or if photos are sent last minute the upload time will cut into your appointment time.

At appointment time I will call you and we will have the phone consultation to discuss what is going on within your system, recommendations and I will answer any questions that you have.

Right Medial

Long Distance Eyology Evaluation

Straight on - full face picture

tongue and fingernail picture (right and left hand needed) examples

Right Lateral

Left Lateral