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​ Whether you are looking to reclaim or maintain your health or the health of someone you care for, our desire is to provide you with information, services and products that help you in your search.

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Class Schedule:
(Mineral / Date / Start Time)
Calcium - The Knitter / January 27th 2018 / 11:30

(Calcium deficiency symptoms include: Lack of strength, fear, indecision, aches, pains, fatigue, profuse perspiration, lack of willpower, hemorrhaging, cramps in calves, boredom, brain fatigue, digestive problems, bone softening, rickets/scurvy, lung ailments, fevers and abscesses)
Magnesium - The Relaxer (for Heart month) / February 24th 2018 / 11:30

(Magnesium deficiency symptoms include: Hyperactive nervous system, sleeplessness, fainting, neuralgia, great forgetfulness, sensitivity to cigarette smoke, aches, headaches, stiff muscles, mood shifts, overheated body, hot temper)

Potassium - The GREAT Alkalizer (for Kidney month) / March 24th 2018 / 11:30
(Potassium deficiency symptoms include: Fearfulness, fantasy, tendency toward violence, suspiciousness, loss of ambition, reduced oxygenation, acidity, restlessness, nervousness, negativity, cynicism, mental illness, oversensitivity to touch, exclusiveness, isolation, pains, aches and low energy)

Fluorine & Manganese (Deficiencies in both of these minerals is INCREDIBLY common) / April 21st 2018 / 11:30

Oxygen & Hydrogen  / May 19th 2018 / 11:30


Starting off the series will be Calcium because of it's vital role in the assimilation of other minerals and it's role in the health of the Liver.
The classes will be limited to 40 people.
The first class date is set for January 27th 2018
Each class comes with a booklet and a small (organic) meal
Classes are prepaid to reserve spot and will be $50 per participant (per class) OR $40 a class if you prepay for the first 5 classes.
Signup for the first class (January 27th) has already started!!!
To signup please call: 936-588-2772 OR stop in at Healthy Living

Dust of the Earth Class Series
Starting January, one of Healthy Living's Naturopath's, Dr Claire Bridges, will be offering classes each month on BioChemical Nutrition focusing each class on specific minerals, nutrition, symptoms and diseases associated with the deficiencies and excess of the mineral that's being focused on and more.
There will be a little meal served at each class centered around the mineral that's being taught on.

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... the study, science and art of evaluating the markings and colorings in the iris and sclera as signs of the health and pathology of the physical and emotional aspects of the body...


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