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Flour, water, salt

Fed up with chemicals in your bread? Why not get fed with some delicious, wholesome, homemade sourdough bread made with King Arthur organic brand flours and a lot of love.

This listing is for a basic 1.5 to 2+ pound sourdough bread, just flour, water and salt, and sourdough starter of course.
My breads are all baked in my own home kitchen with great attention paid to a clean space with the customer's well being in mind. I bake every loaf to order.

I use an extended-rise method for easy digestion - 36+ hour rise so that probiotics have plenty of time to do their job.

All orders being shipped will be through USPS priority mail in a vacuum sealed bag.

All orders to be picked up at Healthy Living will also be in a vacuum sealed bag.

To crisp up the crust, preheat your oven to 350°F, take the bread out of the bag, place the whole 
loaf into the hot oven. Let the loaf bake for about 10 minutes or cut desired slice and toast.

Please remember that these loaves are fermented and contain no preservatives. Loaves need to be consumed within THREE days of received OR you can pre-cut the loaf and freeze, toast slices when ready to consume.

All orders need to be prepaid.

There will be an extra charge for shipping.

Organic bread flour
Filtered water
Sourdough culture (organic all purpose flour, filtered water (may contain a small amount of whole wheat flour)
Celtic sea salt

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