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For the last three years, I have charged the same hourly rate for my services in spite of rising office expenses, salary, credit card fees and rent increases. As much as I would like to maintain my rates for another year, I find that I must increase them to provide my services to my many valued clients.

Effective September 1, 2018, my new rates will be as follows:

*new* Emergency / 30 minute - $130 (preexisting clients that need to get in quickly - availability not guaranteed due to being fully booked)

Basic / 30 minute - $100

Expanded / 1 hr - $190

- 1 / 15-30 minute followup: $60

Comprehensive / 1.5 hrs - $280

- 1 / 15-30 minute followup: free

- 1 / 15-30 minute followup: $60

I will be offering a 10% off in-store purchases on the day of your appointment (additional 10% off if you're over 65yrs of age &/or an additional 5% off if you pay cash or check)

*NEW* I've had a few of my regulars ask about a "checkup"-type plan.

So I will be offering a 4/pack, 6/pack, 8/pack and 10/pack 30-minute evaluation plan for single or household (husband, wife, children) use for individuals I see regularly but the packs will need to be used within a year of purchase.

4/pack: $360 ($90 each) / Limited to 15 households

6/pack: $510 ($85 each) / Limited to 10 households

8/pack: $600 ($75 each) / Limited to 5 households

10/pack: $650 ($65 each) / Limited to 5 households

I will be offering a limited amount of each of these packs and these will not be available until September 1st.

I will reserve several spots each week so that people with these packs can get in immediately if need be.