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Phone Consults for Preexisting / Established  - $35 - $175 

Established patients have the ability to do phone consults. 

These are a great option for our out-of-town patients or individuals wanting to edit their plan, call in with symptoms, etc. 

Any time period greater than five minutes is considered a phone consult. 

The cost for the appointment includes the phone call as well as doctor’s time spent before and after the call (office time such as reviewing labs, emailing specific requested information, etc. which would otherwise be done while the patient is in office). The cost of phone consults varies by time spent:     

$35 for 5-10 minutes     

$60 for 11-20 minutes     

$90 for 21-30 minutes     

$150 for 31-45 minutes     

$170 for 46-60 minutes     

$200 for 60-75 minutes     

$280 for 75-90 minutes

Have health-related questions? Need recommendations? Email below!

updated January 1st, 2023

New Patient Information / Online Booking / Testimonials / FAQ's

Start your email appointment here (upload file button optional for documents (bloodwork, etc) or other files):

Email Correspondence - $35  - and up 

I strive to make my care as convenient as possible for each individual. However, any email that requires a complex answer or takes more than five minutes of time will carry a fee similar to a phone consult.

Questions, Clarification, Revisiting information covered in an appointment, etc - starting at $35 (see full pricing at bottom of page with 'Phone Consults').

Add $50 for  Bloodwork Review

Add $50 for Personalized Nutrition Plan

Add $50 for ND assessment via email