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Healthy Living
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Healthy Living's Massage & Bodywork list:

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 The bodywork entailed below is done with the intention to Reset and Energize the shiatsu style body work is performed on the floor so client must be able to get down and  up off the floor without pain or discomfort ,client remains clothed and it is recommended that client wears athletic clothing

30 min   body rocking, compression, and stretching              $45

60 min  Body Rocking, Compression, and stretching             $75


The Bodywork entailed below is done with the intention of Awareness and Total Body Relaxation this bodywork is performed with clothing and on the table 

30  min session with Body Scan, Breath work,  Slow Compression         $30

60 min Session with body scan, breath work ,  slow compression            $60


The bodywork entailed below is done with the intention of  Relaxation and Circulation this is a customized relaxing Swedish style massage

60 min Session                                                                     $75

90 min session                                                                    $ 105


The Bodywork entailed below is done with the intention of going Deep and Focal this bodywork is going to address musculo-skeletal dysfunction, trigger-points, injuries, facial restrictions and adhesion, loss of range of motion, pain and tension

30 min focus on 1 AREA                                               $50

60 min focus on up to 3 AREAS                                     $80

90 min focus on up to 5 AREAS                                      $110

2 hour unlimited focal area                                                 $140